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NZ is a project execution firm specialized in global collaboration through our international independent talent network. With more than 750 independent professionals, we tackle the most challenging problems across several industries throughout our client’s strategic markets. We do this by insourcing individual professionals while also setting up custom-built teams, overseeing every project with our experienced in-house staff and taking responsibility as program managers and client advisors.


Our capabilities are based on the diverse background and qualifications of more than 750 seasoned global independent professionals

We do execution, we do consulting, we fill interim positions, we set-up complete project teams and we supplement existing teams with expertise. We advise you in defining market entry strategies and implement them with you in the target markets, we manage your- a-typical projects, assist in regulatory compliance, work on your organizational development, support implementation of your sourcing strategy and help you tackle your engineering challenges.


We offer fast and flexible solutions by insourcing on-demand talent into our client’s teams

We are experts in structuring a client’s problem into a successful project-based solution. Every project follows our standardized project management model and is supported with perceptive reporting and controlling services. Our in-house client managers understand your unique business interests and help structuring the required skillsets needed for maximum impact and speed.


Structuring the Project

By understanding our clients’ business interests and project needs, we help configure the required skillsets for maximum impact and speed


Setting up a Project Team

From among the best professionals in the world, we establish custom built project teams and choose exceptional project managers, consultants and subject matter experts for your projects


Executing Project Initiatives

We provide continuous support and monitoring during the project execution and become involved wherever the project justifies


Project Handover

We endeavor to transfer as much knowledge as possible to our clients’ teams and follow your internal governance guidelines for handover and documentation


Our clients are leading companies in the manufacturing and service industries, medium sized enterprises and state owned corporations

The backgrounds of our group of Global Independent Professionals is extremely broad and can add value to almost any business, strategy or management challenge our clients face. Combined with our structured approach we deliver fast, flexible, hands-on solutions with a razor sharp focus on execution in a very wide range of industries.


What makes NZ unique is that all of our assignments are delivered by seasoned professionals

Our Global Independent Professionals (GIPs) have an average of 18 years business experience as line managers and consultants in your industry. They are based in Europe, the Middle East, in India and China where we provide expert knowledge exactly where our clients need it. We have long-standing relationships with our GIPs and have been involved in multiple projects with each and every one, thus, we know them very well.

Each Global Independent Professional has undergone rigorous screening, and is exceptional in their field. We accept less than one tenth of our applicants, making NZ one of the most discerning operational consulting firms in the world – from strategy to implementation.



We started our journey with the “big idea” of disrupting the way consulting services are offered. Today NZ is a fast growing company, helping multiple international clients meet their most challenging goals, while being tremendously flexible and consequently highly competitive. We are engaged with the “big players”, with the hidden champions and with the rising stars and visionaries.

We can do this thanks to the unwavering commitment of our global team that is driven by excellence and outside the box thinking, coupled to a world-class, ever-expanding group of Global Independent Professionals with a passion for impact.

Bardia Zanganeh


Bardia is an entrepreneur, passionate business creator and global bridge builder. Before NZ he was working as a senior consultant, mostly with international companies strongly focused on engineering, production processes and lean management. At NZ he develops clients, defines strategy and business processes, leads projects (PLS) and is in charge of expanding the pool of our Global Independent Professionals.

He holds a MSc Degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH with a major in Management, Technology and Economics.


Daniel Meier


Daniel brings experience from international companies he has been worked with. He likes to instigate new ideas and bring them to fruition. He is pragmatic and always selects the smoothest and most uncomplicated path to reach the best solution. An entrepreneur since 2003, he has supported many clients to realize and achieve their goals. At NZ he supports customers, executes projects and works on the development to make NZ better every day.

Daniel holds a diploma from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH and holds an EMBA.


Bahram Mozaffar Zanganeh

CEO Middle East & Partner

Bahram is a globally active business professional with wide experience in both consulting and line management. He was the lead engineer with Motor Columbus AG/Baden on global infrastructure projects before holding c-level supply chain-, total quality and general management positions for multinational corporations. At NZ he leads our business in the Middle East and advises clients in strategy and market development.

Bahram holds a Dipl. Ing. Degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETHZ/BWI and further education in Strategic Management and Marketing.


Alastair Brown

Business Development Consultant

Alastair has been instrumental in creating new businesses, both within existing large corporations and from scratch, with a focus on swiftly selecting the most profitable and innovative commercial and technical solutions, then bringing this to market.  He has operated across Europe, North America and parts of Asia.

Alastair holds a BSC (hons) Degree from Glasgow University, is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a registered Member of FEANI.