Our Global Independent Professionals (GIPs) are Genuine, Intelligent and Passionate. They are Independent, but not alone. They enjoy being part of a group of similarly high caliber people. Thus, instead of spending countless hours on contract negotiations, vendor setups, billing and collections they can focus on what they are best at. 

We are highly selective of the Professionals we work with. We are looking for outstanding personalities with both a long-term interest in working independently and a proven track record of demonstrable excellence. Joining the NZ network requires not only strong professional skills but also the ability to connect with clients as individuals and adapt one’s working style to their organization.

There are a variety of reasons why our Global Independent Professionals share a passion for working independently on project-based assignments.


They are the best in their field and can choose the clients and projects that most excites them.


They prefer to spend their time solving clients’ problems instead of managing bureaucracy and politics at a large firm.


They perform at their best when diving into projects with a specific task to accomplish, and then moving on to the next challenge.


They enjoy professional freedom, flexibility, variety, control over their career and a healthy work/life balance.