Business Case: Product Innovation

A leading manufacturer of escalators and elevators was challenged by the project stakeholder management in a global product innovation initiative. An experienced technical consultant worked with the client’s team while contributing analytic support and objective questioning. He synthesized the procedure and assisted in its subsequent implementation within the project structure.

Business Case: Product Standardization

A global plant manufacturer in the heavy industries aimed for shorter lead times and better predictability of the gross margin per plant sold. To do so, a consultant with extensive industry background supported the client’s team in modularizing the plant and streamlining the number and development of core components.

Business Case: Hardware Engineering

A worldwide acting company in the semiconductor Industry needed a cost‐optimized board for its wafer fabrication machine. Together with our Indian partner in Bangalore NZ has developed hard and software for our customer. After the finalization of the product, we started the production and delivered boards for more than 10 years. During that time NZ made three re‐designs to always keep the board updated to the latest standards.

Business Case: Testing and Hardware Development

In our offshore facilities, we are able to do Testing & Certification for electronics parts, safety and ‘Regulatory Testing’, including product certification (UL, CE, FCC, IEC, CSA, ISO, ATEX and TUV, HALT, HASS). Offshore developments may offer many price advantages in re‐engineering, product maintenance, control applications and motion control systems.

Business Case: Software Engineering

Together with our long-term partners in India (offshore) and Portugal (nearshore), we have developed many pieces of software in several programming languages and technologies for different industries. If you need a new database, an ERP solution, system programming or an App – NZ and its partners are able to offer competitive solutions.

Business Case: Cost Engineering

A leading manufacturer of industrial and technical equipment intended standardizing its global tendering process. A seasoned cost estimation specialist analyzed the bidding data of the past years, prioritized the components and introduced a cost estimation model based on which sales processes were standardized globally.