NZ is a Swiss based, internationally operating, project execution firm. Created in 2003 as a specialized outsourcing business, it is today focused on serving clients to execute sophisticated project work efficiently and cost effectively by leveraging flexible, experienced independent professionals.

NZ has been working on engineering and consulting projects in several industries mostly with Multinational Corporations and Medium Sized Enterprises in Europe, the Middle East, India and APAC.

What is a GIP?

GIPs are Global Independent Professionals. They are Genuine, Intelligent and Passionate individuals committed to working on a project by project basis and enjoy the challenges that come with moving from initiative to initiative by implementing strategies and solving problems.

Most of our GIPs have both relevant line management experience and consulting know-how. They are experts in their fields, independent by design, and have on average 18 years of professional experience with a demonstrated track record of success in their field.


What is PLS?