Business Case: Global Sourcing Strategy

A leading global equipment manufacturer in the oil & gas industry was on the verge of facing a decrease in margins due to the revaluation of the Swiss franc. One former global sourcing executive worked as a consultant alongside the client’s top management, reviewed the sourcing strategy and lead the team during the roll-out phase.

Business Case: Cost Engineering

A leading manufacturer of industrial and technical equipment wanted to standardize its global tendering process. A seasoned cost estimation specialist analyzed the bidding data of the past years, prioritized the components and introduced a cost estimation model based on which sales processes could be standardized globally.

Business Case: Project Management

A leading contractor of industrial plants was lacking the right resources to serve some of its major client’s projects during peak times. To break tops consultants with very specific knowledge were needed. In close collaboration with the client, a pool of experts was built and projects were served with on demand talent on short notice.

Business Case: Interim Project Manager

A senior plant engineering expert was engaged by a leading manufacturer of high pressure compressors as a temporary project manager. Among his achievements, he coordinated and managed three global projects and advised on product line streamlining and standardization.