The opening of the Middle Eastern countries for foreign investment and growth‐oriented companies makes it imperative for almost every international player to have, eventually, an entry strategy. While the markets and the environment are opening and internationalizing, they are at the same time becoming increasingly complex and competitive, so operating successfully and safely without local expertise is now as difficult as it ever was. With a team of skilled entrepreneurs, strategists, managers and engineers with complementary backgrounds, we successfully develop and manage businesses for our clients. NZ’s range of services allows us to integrate all competences, non‐core to our clients, but critical to plan, establish and successfully run a business in the Middle East.

Business Case: Joint Venture & Acquisition

In cooperation with a leading investment bank, NZ has worked on technical due diligence prior to the acquisition and, subsequently, post‐merger integration. Implementing a total quality management culture and introducing a lean manufacturing approach lead to a major revaluation of the acquired company.

Business Case: Market Intelligence

An international retailer of machine tools asked for our support to understand the domestic market dynamics and the competitive landscape. The NZ team performed an in depth analysis of the target segment, conducted interviews, estimated the market volume and potential, then made recommendations on the market entry strategy.

Business Case: Executive Visits

Small groups of senior executives are brought for fact finding missions. Meeting the relevant people in the private and public sectors and proving specialist contacts within the ministries and financial houses is an NZ speciality.

Business Case: Market Entry

A leading manufacturer of water treatment technology partnered with us to enter the market, participate in public tenders and win bids. During and after the project execution we facilitated the contracting, import, logistics and maintenance (SLA) for the client.

Business Case: Integrated Subsidiary Set­‐up

A global food manufacturer asked us to support them on defining business cases and estimating the investment needed to successfully enter the market by establishing a subsidiary in the Middle East. NZ legal consultants drafted the roadmap and eventually supported the registration of the foreign company.