Business Case: Best Practice

A leading manufacturer of orthopedic implants requested us to support them in streamlining their complaint handling processes for the EMEA Region. A former automotive lean six sigma consultant worked with the client’s team to identify the regulatory challenges, redesign the processes, trigger change requests and train the trainers.

Business Case: Lead Time Reduction

One of the leading power generation companies requested NZ to analyze one of their production facilities and propose solutions to reduce its production lead time for A‐items. Our consultants visualized the value stream, eliminated waste and implemented a cellular manufacturing process that resulted in savings worth 12 Mio. CHF a year.

Business Case: Similar Device Analysis

A leading health care company needed to be able to compare and trend adverse events per product family and similar devices based upon Reporting Requirements & Requests for Clarification from Competent Authorities. Our business analysts supported the client by analyzing and structuring SAP data for more than 65’000 products. Within 12 months all devices were categorized and integrated in the system.

Business Case: Cost Management

A global manufacturer of machine tools required to reduce its ex-works price by 30% to remain competitive in their domestic markets and to penetrate new geographic markets. Two seasoned cost engineers from NZ helped identify potentials by product standardization, global sourcing and target costing and implemented the approved solutions by leading the project team end­‐to‐end.