In the past things were not so complex and fast‐paced. Organizations could complete most of their work in­‐house. When necessary more employees were simply added to the existing staff ‐ and companies continued to grow. Today work processes are changing. Work is being reduced and divided into smaller pieces, changing the work environment, both for companies that buy and for professionals delivering, first rate results. Globalization, volatile markets, the move to a knowledge based economy, cost of employing high caliber professionals plus information technology has changed the way we do business. To remain competitive more flexible work models are needed that empower clients to act fast at windows of opportunity whilst keeping an eye on the overheads.

As more people pursue the flexibility of independent careers and more companies pursue an on‐demand workforce to scale labor and tasks efficiently, independent contractor usage within the most forward­‐thinking of enterprises continues to grow exponentially. NZ structures and delivers projects by tapping the potential of a global independent network of highly skilled individuals and making them accessible to our clients.