Business Case: Global Sourcing Strategy

A leading global equipment manufacturer in the oil & gas industry was on the verge of facing significant margins reduction due to the revaluation of the Swiss franc. One former global sourcing executive worked as a consultant alongside the client’s top management, reviewed the sourcing strategy, proposed a new direction and lead the team during the project roll-out phase which reversed this damaging trend.

Business Case: Organizational Development

A global high tech company in the field of non-­destructive testing had developed an innovative technology. The fast growing business unit had to cope with organizaFonal challenges in order to keep the product development at the desired pace (Fme-­to-market). A seasoned industrial psychologist identified and prioritized the project tasks, conducted a work breakdown structure analysis and assisted in implementing a matrix organization and change management process, thus overcoming the challenges.

Business Case: China Entry Strategy

A leading medical devices company decided to enter the Chinese market with one of their major product lines. Two consultants in Shanghai and Beijing assessed the regulatory framework, the needed set-­up and the perfect point of entry, then proposed the strategic action plan which was then instigated and brought to successful fruition.

Business Case: Branding Strategy

A global manufacturer of infection control equipment wanted to enter the consumables business. A former chemical industry executive opened her network, drafted and verified business cases and designed a business model to enter the European market within a six months opportunity window.