“I would like to recommend NZ, having witnessed the use of their project execution services by a company located in the Paris area.”



“In a team of six people I have worked as part of the NZ team in a QA project for an international implant manufacturer. I want to thank both the NZ team and the client’s managers for their tremendous support of our project.”



“I have carried out my first project as a self-employed consultant with NZ. My task was the project management for 12 month at a well-known manufacturer of medical devices. It was all about the reconstruction of the processes for post market surveillance. The support of NZ was professional from the beginning whether in the regular contacts with NZ, the project feedback or the very punctual payment of my invoices. I would appreciate working again with NZ on every occasion.”



“The friendly and professional support from the NZ team takes the stress of acquisition from my shoulders, helps in difficult situations and allows me to fully concentrate on my job.”



“I have therefore chosen NZ because NZ has with its carefully selected companies contacts and network helped me to find interesting work mandates in the areas of key accounting, procurement, sourcing and process management. The results were challenging tasks with clearly defined objectives and time frame and always with a special focus on added values for the customer.

What really impressed me in the collaboration with NZ, was the good and close cooperation for finding the best solution, if necessary, the methodically support and the short decision-making paths with the customers.”



“The support during the mandate has a good balance and the cooperation is straightforward, uncomplicated and efficient.”



“Chris has been a site director project manager for an 800 MEUR value global portfolio of EPC projects. He has worked as a project manager for full global industry sector structural analysis for Fortune 50 companies and discovered opportunities for value generation and business improvement worth 200 MUSD annually.”



“Since ten years I work as a self-employed consultant. My focus is quality, process and risk management. I could also take over some “temporary management” jobs in the field of quality and project management and appreciate the collaboration with NZ on every level.”



“An ETH Engineer, having constantly my mind in full action and getting inspired by everything in life. Ready to be assigned on positions of high responsibility and give innovative ideas to NZ based on my professional experience of various industrial projects in Biomedical Engineering.”



“I have supported the NZ Team in several multifaceted projects in the medical devices industry, in a cross-matrix organization as well as in a single department. For me NZ offers an excellent opportunity to capitalize my skills, deliver value to our clients, and exceed our promises.”